What should I bring?

Being at high elevation it is strongly advised to always drink, drink and drink more water in Colorado. Expect to need to drink twice as much than at lower elevations. It is estimated your body loses a bottle of water when driving up to the mountains. There is a selection of drinks, snacks, fishing licenses, and more at the Chaparral Park General Store, or bring your own. Sun lotion and sun protective clothing, hat, sunglasses are a must in addition to bug spray. Shoes which hold onto your feet such as crocs, sandals or tennis shoes. Flip flops not recommended. Wear clothing in layers and include a light jacket for wind. Anything you bring with you that is lost or damaged is your responsibility.

What reserviors are nearby?

We are surrounded by many beautiful reservoirs. Spinney Mountain is less than two miles down the road. This 2,500 surface-acre reservoir offers anglers Gold Medal opportunities for shoreline, fly fishing, belly boating or trolling in a peaceful, scenic setting with views of the Collegiates as a backdrop. Check out their conditions and parking fees (bring exact change). Eleven Mile Reservoir is 9 miles down the road is one of Colorado's largest reservoirs with trophy fishing for trout, kokanee and pike. The views from the surrounding rocks and bays are incredible. Check out their conditions and fees. Also Antero Reservoir and Tarryall are a couple additional worthy of checking out.

How far is the dock from / to?

Our typical meetup place is the Chaparral Park General Store. Please note the General Store is an independent business from High Elevation Kayak Rentals. FYI: they do not have public restrooms.
Spinney Mountain Reservoir is right next door, less than 2 miles from the store. Eleven Mile Reservoir is nearby 9 miles down the road.

What kind of kayaks do you offer

At High Elevation Kayak Rentals we offer best in class Hobie fishing kayaks and Fish Cat pontoons.

What does the rental and time entail?

Be sure to arrive early to complete paperwork, obtain the craft and connect the kayak trailer if needed. Your time slot begins when you leave to drive the kayak to the nearby waterfront.   If you are late for your rental time, this will take from your time slot if we have another rental booked the same day.

Where can I buy bait, fishing license and other items?

We are located in the parking lot of the Chaparral Park General Store. View their details at chaparralparkgeneralstore.com where they have a large assortment of items including for rent and purchase including fishing supplies, tackle, flies, and gear, camping & lodging with internet, storage space and more. Their phone number is (719) 836-0308. There is also a general store at Eleven Mile.

Where can I camp or lodge nearby?

We are located in the parking lot of the Chaparral Park General Store. Check them out online at at chaparralparkgeneralstore.com where they offer private camping & lodging with wireless internet. Their phone number is (719) 836-0308. Please note the Chaparral Park General Store is our typical meetup place; however, it is an independent business from High Elevation Kayak Rentals. FYI: they do not have public restrooms.
There is also camping at Eleven Mile Reservoir State Park.

What's the weather like?

Spinney Mountain and Eleven Mile Reservoirs offer great high-altitude boating. Many mornings and days are sunny, tranquil and quiet. However be sure to keep an eye on the weather, especially in the afternoon, since afternoon thunderstorms can bring dangerous lightning and high winds. You can review wind forecasts at iWindsurf.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover for rentals.
Cash and Check are accepted (call or email us for the reservation); requires a credit card authorization to be used in the event of rental damage.

What is your policy for damaged products?

A liability waiver is required to be signed for each rental period. Should damage occur your credit card will be charged an estimated amount immediately and then credited any difference after repair is completed.


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